Purchasing or Downloading Discounted Software

Microsoft Office, Windows 8, etc.

To purchase Microsoft Office, Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Adobe Creative Cloud, follow the steps below


1) Visit lyndonsc.onthehub.com

2) Select your product

3) Click “Add To Cart”

4) Sign in to the portal (portal.vsc.edu)

5) Click “Check Out”

6) Follow the instructions until you reach the download page

7) Save the product key because you will need that later

8) Run the downloader

9) Run the installer

10) Run the Office setup file

11) Follow the instructions until successfully installed

12) Activate using the product key


Students who have purchased Microsoft Office before but don’t have their product key must spend $11.95 to make their product key visible again. This can be done by starting from step one and eventually selecting the purchase option to make the key visible.




By default, Windows 8 will do an in-place upgrade meaning that all of your settings and files will remain. If you would like to do a fresh install, please see the following guide: How To Clean Install Windows 8 Pro Upgrade